GATE Toppers’ insights for CS/CE/EC branches

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Enabling engineers to crack their desired competitive exams since 1960, we, at Vidyalankar, have had a legacy of students who have cracked the GATE and are more than happy to help others. They have shared their insights here and are willing to enable others by solving their queries.

Post your queries on our comments section and the queries will be answered by them

Branch: CS

Suhas Kadam
GATE Rank: AIR 293
GATE Score: 767/1000
M.Tech. (TA) at IIT Bombay.

I started my preparation just 3 months before the exam, so most of the tips I’m gonna share here are just some things that I did to get max output for my efforts in minimal time.

First of all, General Aptitude and Mathematics (Linear Algebra and Discrete) is a must. These are extremely easy marks that can be achieved without many efforts.

Other than that, Choose 5-6 subjects that you’re going to solely focus on, practice as much as possible on these subjects. You should reach to a stage in these subjects wherein you’re able to satisfactorily attempt most of the questions (Some are really tough or ambiguous). I skipped COA and Compiler Design completely. To be honest, I didn’t have much time to study these.
As you have fewer subjects, the stuff that you need to remember as well as master is significantly less. This helps in perfecting the subjects you’ve chosen even more. Solve everything that you can get your hands on. Start with all the previous year GATE questions and make your way to Test Series. If you’ve enough time in your hands, definitely go through all the subjects.
To give your rank that final boost, just go through a lot of different type of questions and PRACTICE!

Branch: CE

Saurabh Bhapkar
GATE Rank: 413
GATE Score: 819/1000
M.Tech., Geotechnical Engineering, IIT Madras

I’m Saurabh Bhapkar, B.Tech Civil Engg from SPCE, Andheri (2018 Batch)
The score is not that good but pretty enough considering the fact it was my first attempt along with the final year of engineering.
So here are a few things I would like to share

<li> Finish syllabus as early as possible. I had finished my syllabus by the time of Diwali. Don’t wait for classes to finish it. If you’re good at any subject study it of your own. Self-study is the best study. Start making personal notes too. You have many professors to solve your queries, so use that resource efficiently.</li>
<li> So even if you haven’t finished syllabus yet, finish it by the end of November. Consider college/university exams as part of GATE preparation only. (If GATE is your priority you can afford bit less pointer but not necessarily it should be in that way. I secured 9+ pointers in 7th & 8th semester.)</li>
<li>The reason I’m asking you to finish syllabus so early is this. Keep December & January completely dedicated for revision & practice! Nothing else. Just keep on solving problems & revising concepts and formulae on regular basis. Try to solve them in day hours considering the timing of final gate exams. I had solved around 6k MCQs before my actual gate examination. You should be able to handle each & every kind of problem that’s the only idea.</li>
<li> Before you start solving, make sure you go through previous year papers. Only that will give you an idea about which topics are important and what kind of questions are expected. Work smart rather than working hard. Not all topics are equally important. For example instead of wasting time on a Turbulent flow make sure you know Open channel flow thoroughly.</li>
<li> Keep on revising formulae and how to use them. Get rid of silly mistakes like unit conversion, reading and copying question incorrectly at this stage only. Read carefully what they have asked in Numerical type problems. for eg., I used to make a mistake in probability. Check whether they have asked a probability or percentage probability. Even if you’re correct technically, still you’re wrong 100 times numerically. So take care of that.</li></ol>

Contact for any query if you want to. I’m repeating GATE again so I’ll try my best to solve it. All the best!
Make sure you celebrate your next Diwali in some IIT or NIT or PSU!!!

Branch: EC

Somesh Shrivastav
GATE Rank: AIR 102
GATE Score: 843/1000
M.Tech., Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, IISc, Bangalore

I am Somesh Shrivastav, I completed my B. Tech. in Electronics Engineering from Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, Andheri in 2018. I attempted EC – GATE2018 and will be sharing my experience for the same.
I started my preparation before an year (appx. Feb-2017) and the first task was to generate interest towards GATE. So I started with GA (General Aptitude) as I found it interesting and it was also to help me in my placements. Once, I gathered a bit of interest, I just tried to keep up with the classes and solved the Past Year Questions of the topic that was taught in the past week (If you don’t feel like taking up a particular subject, try another subject which interests you). This made sure I was not lagging behind (yet didn’t get saturated) and had ample time for my college projects and academics. I also made short notes of the difficult/tricky/repetitive questions and topics. I continued this until the end of 6th semester.
Once the exams finished, I paced up with the preparations. Depending on the weightage in the GATE and the difficulty of the subject (difficulty level of a subject can be different for different persons), I made a time-table and tried to abide by it. I tried finishing the syllabus by mid-November, since after that I had my 7thsemester exams and submissions. I gave mock tests whenever I had time (in between exams) after revising the short notes of every subject. This way I managed to recall the concepts as well score a SGPI of 10 (Try prioritizing the GATE above your semester exams as single semester won’t affect your overall pointer that much).
Once the exams finished by mid-December, I looked at the subjects in which I had scored less in the mock tests and gave their subject-wise tests. I still continued giving at least one or even two mock tests per week.
This helped me secure 57.67/100 marks and a normalized score of 843/1000 with a rank of 102.

Try attending classes regularly so that you don’t have to start any topic from scratch and also you get to know about important topics.
Don’t try to guess an answer for the questions which have negative marking. You’ll end up losing more marks.
While attempting mock tests, read questions carefully. Don’t be rushed. As can be seen from my marks, you don’t need to attempt many questions in EC. If you think a question is time consuming, leave it and get back to it later, if you have time. However, to identify such questions and manage time, you need to give enough Mock Tests.

For any query, feel free to contact me.
All the very best!!

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