How to make the most of the Systematic Learning Program for GATE 2020

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The GATE is the most sought-after career option for Engineering graduates and with guided study plans, you could crack the GATE 2020 like a pro. With this, you require a strict study plan and no procrastination.
The next few days can be completely utilized with a Systematic Learning Program. Remember – self-help is the best help, so make the most and enable yourself with:

  1. Best researched study material: GATE evolves each year and so should its study material! Vidyalankar provides you with the updated and latest syllabus that is in sync with your GATE syllabus. Study from these to perfect your preparation with the latest version. With this, you also get more than 18 Topic-wise Tests – schedule these tests with your study plan to be adept with each and every topic as and when you finish studying it. In addition, you get Subject-wise Tests – after you finish all topics, start taking subject-wise tests and perfect every subject. You might have to take these tests again and again. The best part comes here – You get past 20 years GATE papers with solutions (assorted topic-wise) – once you finish solving these, you’re good to take the Full Length Tests.
  2. Right Test Platform: GATE is a competitive-level exam. So no matter how much you practice, it’s going to be the pitch that will decide how you played your match! To get you the feel and actual GATE experience, an Online Test Platform with 15 Full-Length Tests is made available to you.
  3. Prompt Doubt-Solving: Connect with our GATE mentors via email or WhatsApp and get all your doubts resolved promptly.

“Help will always be provided to those who ask for it” and hence, you should make the most out of all these resources.

All the Best!
Team Vidyalankar


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