The sureshot method to qualify the GATE

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You’ve decided to take the GATE but are worried. How will you qualify the GATE when there are more than 7,00,000 students who appear and the qualification rate is only 15%. Not to worry! First, the GATE paper is different for each Engineering Branch (i.e. stream). So this means that not all 7,00,000 students who take the GATE are from your engineering branch. In fact, this number is the combination of students from 24 streams (a few engineering streams and a few pure science streams). Further, depending on your stream, the qualifying score is anywhere between 24-40 marks out of 100. So you will definitely qualify the GATE if you secure 40 marks. That’s the goal.


The GATE tests students on their Engineering subjects itself. The syllabus for each stream has 8-10 core (i.e. engineering subjects), Engineering Maths and General Aptitude (GA). Engineering Math contributes 13-15 marks and GA contributes 15 marks of the overall paper. Score full marks on these two subjects and you’ll score between 28-30 marks.


For the remaining 10-12 marks, to qualify, choose 3 of the 8 to 10 core subjects and study them really well. Choose those 3 subjects based on the following parameters:


  1. The weightage: Each subject in the GATE has a different weightage. While this might change slightly from year to year, this more or less remains constant. Choose 3 core subjects that have the highest weightage to study. We’ve provided the stream-wise subject weightage for the 6 most popular GATE streams below:

  1. Your comfort level: When it comes to studies, each student has unique strengths and weaknesses. Pull out your past engineering marksheets and find out which subjects you’ve scored highest in. This will give you an idea about your strengths and what subjects might be easy to learn for you. Select the 3 subjects to study in which you’ve scored the highest. Of course, if these subjects have less weightage in the GATE, you’ll have to look for the next set of 3 subjects that you find easiest.


  1. Time taken to study the subject: This is critical too because you don’t have infinite time to study. Find out how much time it takes to study each subject. Then divide the weightage of each subject with the estimated time taken to study it. This will give you the marks/hour of study. The higher this number, the more time-effective it is to study a particular subject. But how should one find the estimated time taken to study a subject? One way to do this is to ask your college’s subject faculty. Another way is to go to your university’s website and download the detailed syllabus for all 4 years of engineering. This will also include how many hours the university believes it takes to learn each subject. Use this number for your calculation.


To maximize your chances of success, ideally, you should come up with a list of subjects that satisfy all the criteria. Doing that may not always be possible and there will be trade-offs. But that’s ok. At the very least, this process will set you in the right direction!


If you have any other tips to share on how to qualify the GATE, do share them in the comments below. If you have any further queries, we’d love to chat. Just call us at 900 438 4232.

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