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Subject Book Name Author
Discrete Maths Logic and Discrete Tremblay and Manohar, Kenneth Rosen
Computer Organisation Computer Organization Hamacher and Zaky
The Essentials of Computer Organization & Architecture - 2003 Jones.n.Bartlett
Computer Networks Computer Networks Behran Forouzan
Linear integrated circuit Peterson and Davie and Tanenbaum
Algorithms Data Structures and Algorithms Cormen
Compilers Compilers -- Principles, Techniques and Tools Addison Wesley , Aho, Sethi,Ullman
Theory of Computation Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation Addison Wesley
Introduction To The Theory Of Computation (e2) Sipser
An Introduction to Formal Languages & Automata peter linz
Digital Design Digital Logic Circuit Analysis and Design M. Morris Mano
DBMS Database System concepts Korth
Fundamentals of DATABASE SYSTEMS Navathe
An introduction to DATABASE SYSTEMS C J DATE
GRAPH THEORY Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer Science Narsingh Deo
Operating Systems Operating Systems Concepts Galvin
Software Engineering Software Engineering Pressman
Web Technologies Web Technologies Internet material
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