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"Undoubtedly your material is good and an exact simulation of the actual GATE"

- Megha Mohabey(AIR 2 - IT)


"It was my best decision to join Vidyalankar. The faculty here are excellent. The Score booster tutorials in addition to the classroom coaching helped me to achieve this rank. The periodic tests conducted helped me to evaluate my progress.""

- Jashkumar Dave(AIR 6 - CS)


"The comprehensive and in-depth information provided in the study material gave me a head start. The study material even included topics from rare reference books considering the vast syllabus of GATE exam. The timely review after each exam about my performance and the tutorial sessions conducted guided to plan my own strategy to appear for GATE. I would contribute a large share of my success in GATE to the continuous support provided by Vidyalankar."

- Muthuraj Pillai(AIR- 6 EC)


"I thank Vidyalankar for helping me to achieve my goal. The extensive coverage in your Test papers has helped me immensely to improve upon my accuracy and speed. The study material helped me to develop a systematic plan towards GATE, according to my strength and weakness."

- Ishita Chakraborty(AIR - 8 ME)


"After going through the material I decided to join their SLP program and today, after securing AIR8, I m happy about my decision. The things that helped me most were the review questions given along with each book and the question papers. All the past papers of GATE are solved topicwise and as soon as I finished the topic I should take the actual GATE questions. To summarize in short I would say that the study material is good and exhaustive. Thanks Vidyalankar!"

- Vinay Deshpande(AIR - 8 CS)


"I would like to thank you for providing me such a comprehensive Correspondence Course and the Test Series."

- Ganeshkumar Bethe(AIR 13 - CS)


"IISc – Bangalore Getting into IIT was my passion and when I joined Vidyalankar I realized Training students to be in the IIT was Vidyalankar’s passion. The entire classroom program was developed to ensure that the students understand the subjects from the fundamental level. The guidance, materials & teachings in Vidyalankar gave me a cutting edge over others in the GATE exam. The continuous support of the faculty has been of immense benefit to me to achieve this outstanding feat."

- Aditya Zhade (AIR - 15 EE)


"The Material is very useful for exam preparation as it helps us with the Time Management aspect."

- Supriya Marathe(AIR 32 - CS)


"“A year and half with Vidyalankar improved my performance and preparation for GATE. The weekly test and performance analysis been provided gave a clear view of the areas where I needed to improve. Excellent faculty at Vidyalankar rightly helped me to boost my self-confidence due to which I could put my best and got a High Rank at GATE 2014.”"

- Sandesh Singh(AIR-33 ME)


"These notes are better than any other material available in the market for GATE"

- Sridhar Iyengar(AIR 40 - EC)


"Apart from providing opportunities in PSUs and higher education, GATE preparation sharpens ones overall Engineering Aptitude which helps in campus placements too. To get a rank in the top 100, one must be consistent in theirpreparation. I trusted Vidyalankar for my GATE preparation. I solved the past 20 years GATE papers and all Full Length Tests provided by Vidyalankar. Doing this has enabled me to secure a high rank."

- Kartavya Kothari(AIR-45(CS))


"When I thought of preparing for GATE the first name popped in my mind was Vidyalankar as I was aware about the quality of coaching since my engineering semesters. For GATE I received a complete different level of coaching . The teachers gave their 101% and therefore I could also do the same. Tutorial sessions , doubt clearing sessions and Test taking strategy sessions helped every student to hone their skills to give their best. The regular tests kept us on our toes and taught us how to manage our time right from the beginning . I owe my success to Vidyalankar and My teachers "

- Shravani Joshi(AIR 70-CS)


"I started my preparation for GATE 2018 with the subjects I liked the most this slowly increased my interest towards GATE exam. Along with the topics taught in the class I revised the topics from Vidyalankar’s study material to complete my studies well before the time. I solved about 20 Tests provided by Vidyalankar which helped me evaluate my preparation to score high AIR"

- Somesh S(AIR-102 (EC))


"I chose GATE because I wanted to pursue research and develop something for our country. I started preparing for GATE in the 5th semester and also studied in the preparation leave. Vidyalankar’s 15 mock tests in addition to their book covering the last 20 years’ GATE exam questions and solutions assorted topic wise really helped me achieve a high rank at GATE 2019."

- Kaushal Bhogale(AIR-107(CS))


"Vidyalankar adopts the approach of starting the subject from basic and then getting into the depth of the subject helped me understand the subject at greater detail .All subjects are taught by experienced faculty here. Continuous practice & revision of subject and tests developed my confidence for the GATE paper."

- Akshay Shahani (AIR-117 (EC))


"I was a student of Vidyalankar’s 1.5 yr program & Managing time to prepare for GATE exam along with semester exam was a challenge, As per guidance from Vidyalankar I started my preparation hand-in-hand along with the Vidyalankar’s classroom lectures. I believe the systematic approach that Vidyalankar has played a great role in my success at GATE 2018."

- Muzzamil Khan (AIR - 160 (EE))


"I had heard from seniors regarding the quality of teaching at Vidyalankar. When I joined Vidyalankar I found everybody there was dedicated towards putting their best . The material had exhaustive set of problems which helped me clear my concepts and boosted my confidence to solve GATE problems. Rank booster tutorial batch really helped to get best out from me. It was a wonderful experience to be a [part of Vidyalankar throughout !"

- KaranSingh Thakor(AIR 166- EC)


"I had joined Vidyalankar in my first year of engineering and since then I was comfortable with the setup and the quality of coaching they offer. Nothing change for my GATE preparation it only bettered Excellent quality teachers , study material , support whenever and where ever required clinched this rank for me. Thanks Vidyalankar !"

- Bansi Shah(AIR 211 - CS)


"I chose to take GATE because I wanted to get into PSUs. I am very grateful to Vidyalankar’s faculty who promptly resolved all my queries and taught me that accuracy matters over speed. By never missing a single class at Vidyalankar, I was eventually able to solve 100 problems a day and score high marks at GATE!"

- Bhavendra Jha(AIR-216(ME))


"I joined Vidyalankar as I was sure to get best coaching in addition to regular classes. The tutorial session help me to boost my rank."

- Shubham Sharma(AIR – 410 CE)


"“My experience with Vidyalankar was superb.All faculty here are masters in their subjects & hence instill confidence in us to face All India Level Competition. The tests helped me to figure out my weak areas to make strategy for GATE. The tutorials helped me to boost my Rank to be able to take admission into program of my choice. Thank you Vidyalankar for the complete support!”"

- Chinmay Tigade(AIR – 640 IN)

GATE 2019 Toppers Jaykumar AIR-7 & Rajeshwar AIR-18

GATE 2019 Topper: Kartavya Kothari AIR-45(CS)

GATE 2019 Topper:Kaushal Bhogale AIR-107(CS)

GATE 2019 Topper Bhavendra Jha AIR-216(ME)

GATE 2017 Topper : Shravani Joshi AIR-70 (CS)

GATE 2017 Topper : KaranSingh T. AIR 166 (EC)

GATE 2017 Topper : Darshit Vakil AIR-340 (CS)

GATE 2016 Topper : Muthuraj Pillai - AIR 6 (EC)

GATE 2016 Topper : Sanket Purandare - AIR 25 (CS)

GATE 2016 Topper : Chinmay Tigade - AIR 640 (IN)

GATE 2015 Topper : Kaustubh Joglekar (AIR 130)

GATE 2015 Topper : Rahul Mishra (AIR 235)

GATE 2015 Topper : Nishant Vijayvergiya (AIR 580)

GATE 2014 Topper : Sandesh Singh - AIR 33 (ME)

GATE 2014 Topper : Saudamini Joshi - AIR 48

GATE 2014 Topper : Harshad Chavan - AIR 62 (CS)

GATE 2014 Topper : Deepak Patil - AIR 72 (CS)

GATE 2014 Topper : Alok Joshi - AIR 93 (CS)

GATE 2014 Topper : Namrata Keni - AIR 108 (CS)

GATE 2014 Topper : Tejas Kesarkar - AIR 377 (ME)

GATE 2013 Topper : Aakar Deora - AIR 33 (CS)

GATE 2013 Topper : Jitesh Poojari - AIR 110 (EC)

GATE 2013 Topper : Sagar Joshi - AIR 146 (ME)

GATE 2013 Topper : Anurita Gupte - 99.19 percentile (CS)

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